PQ: Final Inspection of Electric Harnesses and Electric/Standard Connectors


Bologna, Italy

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Descrizione del lavoro:

The resource in the Final Inspection department will have the following tasks:

  • Inspection of Electric and Standard Connectors/Electric Harnesses and optical harness as required by the technical specifications laid down internally or by the clients;
  • Record of the Inspection Tests with Reports or Formats;
  • Report and Management of Non-Compliances and Preventive/Corrective Actions (Failure Analysis);
  • Write Test Reports according to regulations and internal procedures;
  • Test fixtures/equipment implementation working in team with Designing and Harnessing Departments;
  • Use instruments for mechanical and electrical measurements (Low Voltage and High Voltage);
  • Use of tools for checking optical fibers;
  • Program the software for automatic electric test equipment;
  • Team Work with Assembly and Harnessing Departments in order to guarantee the quality of the products

Requisiti dell'incarico:

Training, experience and skills:

  • Electronic Technician Degree
  • Use of the main electrical test instruments end optical fibers instrument
  • Oral and written English language skills
  • Ability to draft Reports and Procedures
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Proactive attitude to achieve the required goal
  • Organizing work
  • Experience in the use of the personal computer and its main programs
  • Work in a team

Modulo di richiesta di lavoro

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Careers form

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