IT Project Manager


Bologna, Italy



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Descrizione del lavoro:

IT project manager plans, organizes, and integrates crossfunctional IT technology projects that have significant scope and impact. Coordinate the work of other IT professionals and staff involved.

The key elements of the work are organized by people and time resources in addition to the vision of the project assigned at the end. The project manager has the utmost responsibility in meeting the needs of the company.


  • Project development, budget management; identification of the necessary resources
  • Development of programs and methods to measure results
  • Guide and perform strategic analyzes for the project
  • Organize and manage all phases of the project to ensure timely completion
  • Coordinate the members of the project team; assign individual responsibilities
  • Prepare proposals and conduct all necessary meetings to facilitate the selection of the project's services and products
  • Planning and supervision of the preparation and dissemination of project communications

Requisiti dell'incarico:

  • Computer programming or Computer engineering background
  • Fluent in English

Modulo di richiesta di lavoro

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