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Bologna, Italy



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Descrizione del lavoro:

IT Department Manager manages and organizes the IT Department and the IT human resources to ensure IT guidelines are properly implemented, followed, and maintained.

Supervises the work of the other IT professionals (both internal and external) and staff involved.


  • Coordinate with the US and UK sites to implement IT upgrades and guidelines
  • Organize regular checks on network and data security
  • Organize regular system audits
  • Run and share regular operation system reports with senior staff
  • Identify the necessary resources (both human and hardware/software) to achieve the assigned goals
  • Identify and act on opportunities to improve and update software and systems
  • Provide direction for the members of the IT team; assignment of individual responsibilities and development of skills

Requisiti dell'incarico:

  • Several years’ management experience in the IT field
  • Excellent English skills

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