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Descrizione del lavoro:

The head of Prevention and Protection Service collaborates with the employer, the competent doctor and the workers' safety representative to implement the Risk Assessment Document (DVR).


  • Identify risk factors and measures for the safety and health of the working environment, in compliance with current legislation on the basis of the specific knowledge of the company organisation;
  • Develop, to the extent appropriate, preventive and protective measures and control systems for such measures;
  • Develop safety procedures for the various activities of the company;
  • Planning and prepare the training needs linked to the State-Region Agreement with particular attention to specific training
  • Participate in consultations on health and safety at work and in the regular meeting;
  • Provide workers with the necessary information on safety at work;
  • Support the office in waste management and environmental management activities.

Requisiti dell'incarico:


  • Qualification in the technical field
  • Previous experience in the proposed role within production realities. Preference for applicants from the engineering sector
  • Knowledge of the aspects related to business management systems and the reference regulations on health and safety in the workplace and the environment.
  • Module A, Module B and Module C ratings and updates
  • Excellent analythical and synthesis skills, quality orientation, organization skills, problem solving
  • Positive and constructive relationship with various partners inside and outside the company organisation

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